Most of our modeling projects involve some incremental methodology advancements. Here are some projects that were specifically focused on methodology development:


Web Tools

Our primary models are extremely detailed. We believe that collaboration with a diverse set of region and sector experts is essential to unlock the full potential of these models. The main hurdle on this path is to have the results and input without the model jargon – so that any domain expert can easily relate to without losing time and energy in semantics.

We have been developing a web platform called DCM (Disseminating Complex Models) for the past few years, which has already enabled us to do a few collaborations of this type quite successfully. This is explained in a few slides here.

Further, we wish to build a portal that would enable a community of experts to view and comment on a wide range of results from various models.

 Some elements are already in use for multiple ongoing projects. We basically work with a set of post-processed output from the model. Mainly, Capacity, Activity and Flows by a few types of process/commodity at the primary/secondary/final levels. For example:

 Each of these Variables has the following dimensions:

 For numerical/graphical presentation in 2-dimensional space, one has the following options:


Numerical results are available in powerful cube format that can be exported to Excel.

Users can make their charts on the web

Trade results can be viewed on maps