Veda Online (VO) is a web-based platform that allows users to work with TIMES models through internet browsers. It offers the core functionalities of Veda2.0, including synchronizing Excel files, browsing input data, running models, and accessing results and reports online. VO enables collaborative model development by allowing users to share their models with controlled visibility and download options. Additionally, it eliminates the need for software setup and updates, enforces version control through GitHub, and utilizes advanced server infrastructure for model synchronization and runs. The platform provides superior data visualization in reports, results, and browsing. While VO is suitable for incremental modifications, Veda2.0 remains the preferred choice for model development and debugging. VO is an open website where public models can be viewed by visitors without logging in. An annual subscription is required for model creation and runs, and GAMS/CPLEX cloud service is utilized for running models, managed by KanORS.